Sensory Analytics wins 2011 Metpack Innovation Award for SpecMetrix Systems

Greensboro, NC and Essen, Germany (May 18, 2011) – SpecMetrix® systems from Sensory Analytics, LLC have been awarded the prestigious 2011 Innovation Gold Award from an independent and distinguished international jury of experts at the 2011 Metpack Trade Fair in Essen, Germany. The internationally renowned award is given out once every three years to the most innovative and trail-blazing product at Metpack, the world’s leading trade fair for the metal packaging industry. The key selection criteria for the award were the impact of the new offerings on production cost reduction and product quality in the metal packaging industry.

Greg Frisby, Industry Manager of Sensory Analytics said “Sensory is extremely honored that our exclusive SpecMetrix film weight measurement systems for the beverage, food and aerosol markets have been recognized by such an impressive global jury as the most impactful and innovative new offerings for the metal packaging industry. Global metal packaging manufacturers will greatly benefit from the use of SpecMetrix systems for all of their film weight and coating thickness measurement needs.”

SpecMetrix systems have a proven ability to help manufacturers of beverage and food containers, aerosol containers and tubes, coated coils, ends and closures to increase coating quality, reduce production costs and spoilage, and maximize production throughput through the use of Sensory’s exclusive non-contact measurement technologies. All SpecMetrix systems deliver precise, real-time thickness and film weight measurement results on wet or dry coatings while in-process or in the QA lab, with no direct contact with coatings.

In March, 2011, SpecMetrix systems were also named the 2011 Technology of the Year by the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators, demonstrating the flexible system designs and broad market appeal of the expanding line of in-process quality assurance and process control offerings from Sensory Analytics.

About Sensory Analytics

Sensory Analytics is a fast-growing leader in the development of cost-saving coating thickness and film weight measurement solutions for coating, converting and process control applications within the global metal and flexible packaging, industrial coating, cleantech, solar and aerospace markets. The company’s exclusive SpecMetrix systems deliver real-time coating measurement and coating process validation of wet or dry coatings and thin films in QA labs or directly within the production process.

For additional information on the company’s cost-saving systems or to explore business development or OEM opportunities that support of the global expansion of SpecMetrix systems, please visit Sensory Analytics at