Bioptigen Unveils Image Analysis Software


NewswireToday – /newswire/ – Research Triangle Park, NC, United States, 04/29/2011 – New software delivers automated retinal layer segmentation of mouse SDOCT images –

Bioptigen, Inc., a medical device company whose innovative ophthalmic imaging technologies produce highly resolved images for researchers and clinicians, has released a new software package, InVivoVue™ Miner.

InVivoVue Miner automates analysis of retinal layers of mouse models acquired in vivo with Bioptigen’s spectral domain optical coherence tomography imaging systems. InVivoVue Miner automatically segments eight discrete layers of the rodent retina; aggregates thickness results into a common ETDRS-like grid; and generates graphical reports, thickness maps and intensity projections of all available layers.

Armed with InVivoVue Miner software, scientists can visualize and quantify findings related to retinal disease progression and therapeutic modalities with a minimum of user intervention.

Dr. Eric Buckland, president and CEO, said that the batch processing functionality of Bioptigen’s new software enables high throughput analysis of large data sets for both prospective and retrospective studies.

“Researchers working within the pre-clinical arena want this software because it advances their ability to quantify, validate and publish results more rapidly and less laboriously than is currently possible with other methods of managing OCT image data,” Buckland said. “By equipping researchers in their quest to better understand early disease progression, Bioptigen continues to open new avenues for biological exploration, monitoring of disease progression, and development of therapeutic interventions.”

Bioptigen will unveil its InVivoVue Miner software at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) annual meeting taking place May 1-5 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Bioptigen originally created its proprietary non-invasive spectral domain ophthalmic imaging platform – called Envisu™ – specifically for small animal imaging. The Envisu family of imaging systems uses low-power, near-infrared light to acquire, process, display and store real-time, depth-resolved images of ocular tissues. Envisu delivers resolution 100 times finer than standard ultrasound, and is suitable for analyzing tissue microstructure with features as small as two micrometers.

Bioptigen ( delivers highly sophisticated medical imaging devices renowned for their performance and versatility. The company’s passion for collaboration and innovation enables life-changing advances in health care through the boundless potential of its revolutionary imaging technologies.